In 2010, SCDI articulated in its Blueprint for Scotland the long-term vision and aspirations we maintain for a Scotland which is ambitious, enterprising and outward-looking; and which measures success in its ability to maximise its natural assets, its economic potential and its people. 

As an independent organisation with a broad membership, SCDI takes no political view on these issues for the Scottish electorate. However, the organisation's role has always been to examine and consider impartially the industrial, commercial and economic challenges and opportunities facing Scotland. 

Amidst the current debate about Scotland's future constitutional options, SCDI has undertaken an enquiry into some of the key issues across the Macroeconomic and Fiscal Sustainability, Europe and International, and Energy spheres. Through this work, we hope to inform and provide insights to our members and stakeholders, by the identification and analysis of the issues and evidence to be considered.

The work is informed by wide and in-depth consultation across SCDI's broad membership, including organsations across all sectors of the economy, in the corporate sector, SMEs, public sector agencies, trade unions, local authorities, educational institutions and the third sector. Online and face-to-face interviews have gathered substantial evidence from SCDI members and our work has also been informed by relevant statistics, statements and publications from a range of experts.

SCDI is an independent, non-aligned organisation, which maintains impartiality in matters of political debate. These reports are not intended to provide comprehensive answers, or to outline SCDI policy. They are, however, intended to provide a framework to inform SCDI members and encourage further discussion and inform members on key economic issues relating to the debate on Scotland's consitutional future. The contents of the Future Scotland reports are not intended to reflect SCDI policy.

Please click on appropriate links below to read the SCDI reports.

SCDI have also now published a Future Scotland: Discussions & Priorities report, which aims to address the economic priorities of SCDI members across business and civic Scotland. This report reflects the issues raised in a series of confidential qualitative interviews, debate at SCDI's Forum 2013, and an online survey of members. The report is not intended to reflect any specific SCDI policy position. Please click on the link below to read this report.

Additionally, the David Hume Institute released 4 research papers in May 2013 regarding Energy and constitutional change. Please click on the links below to access these research papers.

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