SCDI's landmark 1972 Forum "Oil and Scotland's Future", opened Scotland’s oil and gas story and was a point of reference for the emerging energy industries in Scotland.

40 years on, with increasing investment and technological innovation opening new frontiers at home and abroad, Scotland needs to refocus on and maximise opportunities offered by its natural, business and skills assets in oil and gas for its economy and people.

SCDI’s conference 'Oil and Gas and Scotland's Future' was held on the 21 of February 2012, bringing together leading speakers from Government and the industry to discuss how to maximise the opportunities for Scotland, at home and around the world, at present and over the next 40 years. It demonstrated the vital role which the industry plays within our economy and society all around Scotland and the UK, and that it will continue to be a key driver of investment, business growth, innovation and employment.

A full Report from this Conference can be found here ,
and the slides from the Conference here.

The Report is a source of information and ideas, which SCDI intends will both shape action and measure success. To discuss any aspect of this Report please contact Ian Armstrong, Regional Director, or Gareth Williams, Head of Policy, SCDI.

Survey of Oil & Gas 2012 (released May 2013)

SCDI released its annual Oil & Gas survey in May 2013.

Click here for the latest Oil & Gas Survey

Click here to access the Scottish Government press release

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