SCDI submitted a response in March 2017 to The Scottish Government's Consultation on the longterm management of the Crown Estate in Scotland.

The Crown Estate has an important role in key sectors and infrastructure for the Scottish economy, as well as new opportunities for sustainable economic growth. This is particularly the case in some rural and island areas of Scotland.

SCDI agrees that, as the devolution of the Crown Estate's Scottish portfolio takes place, it is right to review the long-term vision for how the current assets of the portfolio are managed with a view to ensuring that future decisions support the delivery of long-term economic, social and environmental outcomes, and are taken at the appropriate level.

We recognise that the Crown Estate's portfolio covers a wide range of interests across Scotland's urban, rural, and marine environments and this diverse collection of assets provides investment resilience and allows the managers to utilise the value of some assets to nurture developments that will in time grow the overall value of the portfolio.

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