SCDI made a Submission to the Scottish Parliament's Culture, Tourism, Europe & External Relations Committee regarding its Immigration Inquiry in August 2017.

SCDI welcomes this Inquiry and the report by Dr Hepburn on 'Options for Differentiating the UK's Immigration System' to enable greater flexibilities for Scotland to respond to its particular demographic and employment needs.

We agree with Dr Hepburn's analysis of the demographic needs of the Scottish economy and that the demographic issues for Scotland differ from the UK as a whole. SCDI agrees that the impact of any significant decrease in immigration to Scotland on the size of the working age population and on the ratio of dependants to workers would be an acute challenge for the economy.

SCDI's broad-based membership strongly agrees that the availability of migrant workers has been beneficial to economic growth in Scotland. As the report identifies, migrant workers are important in many high-skill, semi-skilled and low-skilled roles across a range of sectors in the Scottish economy.

You can read SCDI's Submission to the Scottish Parliament via the right hand menu.