SCDI submitted a Response to the Scottish Parliament's Economy, Jobs & Fair Work Committee Economic Data Inquiry in Sept.2017.

Our response is based on the headings set out by the Committee:

•  Accuracy (how reliable is the data)
•  Utility (how useful is it)
•  Interpretation (how to make sense of it)
•  Scrutiny (what are we measuring and does it encourage effective scrutiny).

SCDI has been considering the role of Economic Data and its value to decision making for some time and has previously said that more comprehensive, up-to-date information on the performance of the Scottish economy than is currently available should be available.

SCDI recognises a number of the limitations set out in the SPICe report around available data. Most notable of these is the conclusion that data on trade and capital investment is "inadequate". Internationalisation is a central pillar of the Scottish Economic Strategy and was identified in the SCDI Blueprint document as one of the key drivers of economic growth for Scotland, so it is essential that accurate data should be collected to report on strengths and weaknesses in this area, not only for the sake of growing our economy but also to maintain credibility of the political process. It is essential to be able to quantify their contributions of each of the four national priorities of the economic strategy.

Statistics on trade and manufacturing were singled out by our members as poor. While Local Authority members cited the need for more data at the LA level on income, exports, capital investment and R&D to support their programmes.

You can read SCDI's full Response to this Scottish Parliament Inquiry via the right hand menu.