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“It will be the duty of the Council to examine and consider impartially the industrial, commercial and economic problems with which the country is faced for the time being; to endeavour to arrive at a solution to these problems and, where necessary, to obtain from Parliament such legislation as may be required to give effect to the conclusions reached by the Council.” Constitution of the Council, SCDI, 1931

About SCDI

The Scottish Council for Development & Industry (SCDI) is an independent and inclusive economic development network which seeks to influence and inspire Government and key stakeholders with our ambitious vision to create sustainable economic growth for Scotland.

As a broad-based organisation, our influential and diverse membership is drawn from a wide variety of business sectors, trade unions, public agencies, educational institutions, local authorities and enterprise organisations, professional bodies and trade associations, arts organisations, faith groups, charitable organisations and the third sector. This unique gathering of knowledge, experience and talent across the private, public and social economies, and all geographies, provides a dynamic and creative force for change.

SCDI is a modern, independent, non-political, not-for-profit, organisation; funded by members’ subscriptions determined by a voluntary subscription scale.

We are a national network engaged in activities throughout Scotland, and have 3 offices which are based in Inverness, Aberdeen and Glasgow. SCDI also maintains an active interest in London, providing opportunities for interface and debate with London-based stakeholders. You can find out more about our work in the Highlands & Islands, North East of Scotland and in London in the ‘Regional Focus’ area of our website.

Within ‘About Us’ you can source information regarding our values and mission; our history – having been founded in 1931; and our people – including our President, Fellows, Board, Policy and Regional Committees and our Team. You can also access our Annual Review, summarising our most recent work representing our members’ interests.

Building on a heritage of meeting the challenge of change through driving innovation and bold thinking, we share a common vision for the future of Scotland. That unity of purpose is delivering sustainable economic growth for Scotland through our nation, our assets and our people.

We are focused on strengthening our economy – to make it more resilient and robust – through increased innovation, productivity and internationalisation underpinned by key infrastructure.

“SCDI holds a unique place in Scottish public life. It has consistently influenced government and key decision-maker, contributing to Scotland’s development. The inclusive and independent approach of SCDI has created a much valued and trusted forum for dialogue to help deliver our ambitions for Scotland.” The Rt Hon Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale, First Minister of Scotland (2001-2007) , The Scottish Government

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Engage with us and benefit from opportunities to input at Scottish, UK and EU levels to the economic agenda, share knowledge and strengthen your networks.

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