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About SCDI

We are a non-political, not-for-profit organisation, involving senior representatives and leaders across Scotland's economy. Funded by our members' subscriptions, this unique network of knowledge, expertise and experience provides a dynamic and creative force for change.

Founded in 1931, The Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) is an independent membership network representing private, public and social economy sectors and providing excellent benefits and events. It seeks to engage Scotland to influence Government and key stakeholders to ensure a prosperous economy that works for people and planet.

Expert insight from our cross-sector regional and national Committees and Commissions gives SCDI a respected, independent and wide viewpoint. This unique perspective on both local and national economic challenges, informs our highly regarded work:


Why join SCDI?

Benefits and events

SCDI has helped shape the Scottish economic landscape over 90 years

“It will be the duty of the Council to examine and consider impartially the industrial, commercial and economic problems with which the country is faced for the time being; to endeavour to arrive at a solution to these problems and, where necessary, to obtain from Parliament such legislation as may be required to give effect to the conclusions reached by the Council.” SCDI, Constitution of the Council, 1931

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