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SCDI Fellows

Individuals can be awarded an honorary Fellowship of SCDI in recognition of their significant service to SCDI and contribution to economic development in Scotland and internationally.

Those who have been recognised with an SCDI Fellowship are:

Mr. Graeme C Archibald
Mr. Robert Armour OBE
Prof. Christopher Blake CBE
Mr. Craig Campbell
Mr. Ian Christie
Mr. Bill Cockburn CBE TD
Mr. Richard Cole-Hamilton CBE
Ms. Jane Cumming
Mr. Donal Dowds
Mr. Bill Drummond
Sir James Duncan
Mr. Trevor Garlick OBE
Mr. Francis Hamilton
Mr. Rod Johnstone
Mr. Afzal Khushi CBE
Mr. Peter Lederer CBE
Sir William Lithgow Bt
Ms. Shonaig Macpherson CBE FRSE

Willie Maltman
Mr. Iain McLaren
Mr. Jack McLaren
Mr. George Menzies
Dr. James Milne CBE
Mr. Joe Moore
Hamish R Morrison OBE
Mr. William C C Morrison CBE
Mr. Brian Nicholls
Mr. Colin Parker

Dame Susan Rice DBE
Mrs. Esther Roberton
Mr. Ronnie Scott Brown
Mr. Duncan R Skinner
Mr. James Smith
Mr. Matt Smith OBE
Prof. William S Stevely CBE
Mr. Donald Turner
Mr. Michael Urquhart
Mr. Alan Wilson OBE

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