Productivity Club Central presents Fair Work, March 2022

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Productivity Club Central

Thursday 10th March, 14.30 – 17.00

Location: Online

Speakers: Jacqui Taylor, CEO, Lifelink; Katy Morrison, Explorer & Coach at CONNECT THREE; Professor Patricia Findlay, Director of the Scottish Centre for Employment Research & Distinguished Professor of Work and Employment Relations at the University of Strathclyde; Professor Colin Lindsay, Deputy Director of the Scottish Centre for Employment Research and Director of the PrOPEL Hub at the University of Strathclyde.

The March Central Club will take place in-person and it will be delivered in collaboration with the PrOPEL Hub.

As we take tentative steps out of the pandemic, it’s time to look to the future. And the future of work looks fairer for employers and staff alike.

Scotland’s vision for alternative ways of working underpins its ambition to make this small country a world leader when it comes to Fair Work by 2025. Fair Work principles will drive not just economic prosperity for individuals, communities, businesses, organisations and wider society, but it is hoped that those principles will also support success and wellbeing.

Far from being just the current commercial buzz phrase, Fair Work principles commit to making lasting and positive change, change which will benefit everyone involved in the world of work. Fair Work ambitions for Scotland also aim to improve staff motivation and retention, and in turn boost productivity and business performance.

With five broad principles – effective voice, security, opportunity, fulfilment and respect – Fair Work aims to improve workplace dynamics, unleash and develop talent, provide opportunity for everyone to contribute and be heard, and create cultures of equality, respect and tolerance.

In our March club, Productivity Club Scotland aims to find out what Fair Work actually is, and how Scotland’s business community can learn and benefit from adopting Fair Work practices. Our guest speakers will share their expertise and experience with Fair Work, and outline the ways in which Fair Work can make a tangible difference to business performance.

There will be time for group discussion, Q&A and networking!