Delivering on net zero goals with The Little Green Larder

Wednesday, 14th June, 09:30-11:30

Location: The Circle, Dudhope Castle, Barrack Road, Dundee DD3 6HF

Speakers: Jillian Elizabeth, Founder, The Little Green Larder; Angie De Vos, Local Enterprise Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland; Paul Hainey, Purpose-Driven Sustainability Strategist and Business Architect, Window Origins Limited.

Scotland’s commitment to reaching Net Zero means that businesses have realised that sustainability is essential to making their business fit for the future.

Whether its reducing carbon emissions, managing resources more efficiently or a commitment towards continuous improvement, introducing changes now will bring many benefits to businesses and also the environment, society and economy.

At this event you will hear from Jillian Elizabeth, founder of The Little Green larder on her journey in opening the first zero waste shop in Dundee. Their mission is to inspire and educate while providing an enjoyable and non-judgemental shopping experience. They are a more than profit company who is dedicated to giving back to the local community and local charities.

Angela De Vos, Local Enterprise Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland will introduce you to their carbon planner which helps you to start your net zero journey by tracking your major consumption.  Paul Hainey, Purpose-Driven Sustainability Strategist and Business Architect, Window Origins Limited will share his work on regenerative capitalism and the opportunities in Tayside.

Takeaways from the session:

  • sustainability as a core value for your business
  • how to start your net zero journey
  • how to use a carbon planner
  • meaning of regenerative capitalism and opportunities in Tayside

Get ready to discuss with your peers about what sustainability means to your organisation and share what actions you are taking to reduce your carbon footprint. Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, this event is for you.

The event is interactive with group discussion, Q&A and networking opportunities.

Jillian Elizabeth, Founder, The Little Green Larder

Jillian runs The little Green Larder, Dundee’s first fully sustainable shop. She has always been conscious of the environmental impact we are having on our planet, and sustainable living is so important to her.
She tried to shop as low-waste as possible, however she struggled to find anywhere that sold a few select items plastic-free. She got tired of waiting for a sustainable shop to open, and after some soul-searching she realised she could open one herself, and so the dream of The Little Green Larder was born.

Angie De Vos, Local Enterprise Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland
Angie is a Local Enterprise Manager with Royal Bank of Scotland covering North East Scotland.  Angie works closely within the business marketplace to support, develop and add value to SME’s by providing business advice, bringing together local business, and hosting regular events. Angie has over 25 years’ experience starting and running social good businesses mainly in the third sector which has created 80+ new jobs.  Angie has a deep-rooted understanding around the challenges that start-up business face and endeavours to make this journey smoother.

Paul Hainey, Purpose-Driven Sustainability Strategist and Business Architect, Window Origins
Paul is a management consultant specializing in Sustainable Business Strategy development and execution. For almost 30 years, he has served numerous clients in a diverse breadth of industries in several disciplines relating to business strategy via the boutique consultancy Window Origins Limited. He is currently building a new personal brand specifically focusing on Sustainability Consulting and Business Value creation. He also currently fulfils the role of Sustainability Ambassador for IoD Scotland within the Fife and Tayside Branch. Paul has studied Sustainable Business Strategy at Harvard Business School Online. He currently holds the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) credential with the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). He is also a Certified Business Architect (CBA®). He lives in Perth city where he enjoys many and varied pastimes including craft brewing, golf, angling, walking, and hop farming.



09.30 – 10.00 – Registrations and networking breakfast

10.00 – 11.00 – Speakers presentations and Q&A

11.00 – 11.30 – Group discussions

11.30 – Close