SCDI Forum 2017 – Brave New Worlds?

The Forum provides a platform for dialogue, discussion and debate on the key levers required to strengthen and grow Scotland’s economy in an emerging environment. The SCDI Forum is the leading policy and networking event in the Scottish business and economic calendar and has a clear agenda – to stimulate economic growth for Scotland. Reflective of SCDI’s unique membership it brings together senior representatives drawn from across the public, private and social economy sectors.

Thursday 16 & Friday 17 March 2017
Venue: RBS HQ Gogarburn, Edinburgh                                           #scdiforum

The operating systems for the Scottish economy will soon be fundamentally overhauled – changes which will place an even higher premium on sustaining and generating increasing economic growth.

Following the EU Referendum, the UK will trigger its notice to leave and negotiations will commence, and this will substantially re-orientate our relationships with Europe and with the global economy. The Scottish Parliament will start to make decisions with new economic and fiscal powers and responsibilities, and the Scottish economy will become a fully shared competency for the Scottish and UK Governments.

At the same time as these transitions, changing labour markets, digitalisation and low carbon will drive the transformation of our economy at an accelerating pace. These political and economic transitions will all significantly increase the potential risks and rewards for the economy, government and businesses.

The SCDI Forum 2017 ‘Brave New Worlds? – Economic Growth & Wealth Creation’ explored this changing context and the priorities for the Scottish economy in these transitions to raise our Productivity, Innovation and Internationalisation, underpinned by modern Infrastructure. It focused on what does and will drive economic growth and create wealth – and how Scotland can best position itself to support competitiveness, investment and entrepreneurship.

This, our 46th Forum, considered the right balance between businesses focusing on growth in increasingly competitive markets and the benefits which this generates, and government expectations of developing the role and responsibilities of businesses in achieving wider economic, social and environmental outcomes. With the UK and Scottish governments re-emphasising the importance of industrial strategy and inclusive growth, it discussed how these can best support sectors and regions to stimulate productivity improvements, and encourage the transition in the Scottish economy ‘from Fragile to Agile’.