SCDI is delighted to welcome Sarah Downs Co-founding Director of Doqaru Ltd and Lisa Lambie, Positive Planet UK.

Productivity Club Scotland is a forum for networking and peer-to-peer learning for businesses. We provide signposting to resources, and support our members to focus on continuous improvement and organisational capacity.

Thur, 10th June 2021
11:00 – 12:15 BST


The aim of Productivity Talks is to provide you with an opportunity to discuss challenges and potential solutions, reflect on your own approach and understand the views of others. Our speakers will deliver short, to the point talks or case studies drawn from their own experience, which will be followed by discussion and time for questions. 

Sarah will be sharing stories of how she’s supported companies through digital transformation in Sales, with a focus on Social Selling and Sales Enablement technologies.  By working with senior level executives, creating a sustainable change and evidencing quick results, Sarah has helped companies of all sizes to grow and diversify in what has become a challenging and ever-changing sales environment.

Lisa will be discussing her experience in delivering tangible Environmental Impact in Growth Stage Businesses for increased productivity and sustainable growth.

These events are designed to interactive with group discussions. We hope that you can join us. 

Full joining instructions will be sent to you the day prior to the event. 


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