Productivity Club North East

Thursday 16 September, 1100

All of September’s Productivity Club events will focus on Digital Transformation.


Iain Burnett, Master Chocolatier and CEO, Highland Chocolatier, E-commerce to improve your digital presence

Andrew Kinsler, Operations Director, Sand Monitoring Services Ltd, Empowering Data-Driven Energy Sector

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The events will be delivered in collaboration with the Digital Boost and Digital Development programmes. We will hear from the Highland Chocolatier and Sand Monitoring Services who, with the help of funding from the Digital Development Loan and Digital Boost Grants, have improved productivity in their organisations through the adoption of digital technology to either improve a process, add value for their customers or innovate.

Attendees at the club will also have the opportunity to ask representatives of the two funding programmes what funding is available, how to apply, eligibility, and where to get support.

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for networking! You will be able to meet like-minded professionals and to mingle with new and old contacts. We are responding to member feedback and keeping the club on-line for now but will be bringing back in person events later this year.