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SCDI Policy

SCDI’s membership spans every sector and geography of Scotland. We bring leaders together to consider how our economy can harness the changes ahead and look to influence the policy decisions necessary to drive sustainable economic growth for all of Scotland.

The pace of change is increasing and the opportunities it creates is shaping how we work and what we do – every day.

On behalf of members, and via evidence from our own research,  SCDI prepares consultation responses and reports to shape policy and thinking. We look at what lies just over the horizon and consider the steps that are needed to drive sustainable and inclusive growth for Scotland.

Policy Areas of Focus

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Policy Activity

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Your input to Scottish Government's Advisory Group on Economic Recovery

Help us build Scotland's Green Recovery

State of the Nation: COVID-19's impact on Scotland's economy


Your COVID-19 priorities and asks

How is COVID-19 impacting the Scottish economy?

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