Consultation response: Renewing Scotland’s full potential in a digital world


Consultation response: Renewing Scotland’s full potential in a digital world

SCDI very much welcome the ambition set out in the digital strategy to seize the opportunity to make Scotland a truly digital nation and the emphasis on the role that all of us – private, public and third sector can play.

In our response, we have sought the views of our policy committee, drawn on our recent and forthcoming research and discussions at our annual forum in December 2020.

We have made recommendations in a number of areas which build on the approach set out in the digital strategy. These include:

  1. The need to ensure the strategy sets out a clear high-level vision statement of ambition, timeline and KPIs to give focus to the strategy and allow other plans to be aligned
  2. Develop a new data strategy for health & social care
  3. Expand out the proposed single digital academy to provide learning opportunities to the private as well as the public sectors
  4. SQA qualifications should be updated to reflect current needs and future requirements
  5. Invest to scale up existing assets in Further and Higher Education and in programmes that have been shown to be successful such as peer-to-peer learning, coding for schools and young engineers and science clubs
  6. Explore how programmes such as Teach Now could be used to bring more IT professionals into teaching

It is also clear that the scale and breadth required to fully realise all the opportunities represented by digital can only be achieved by collaboration, which will be especially important as digital cuts across every industry and organisation in Scotland.

Additionally, the scaling up of initiatives such as Young Engineers and Science Club and inward investment opportunities for Scotland’s Universities and Colleges should be considered as a key route in growing the pipeline of future digital talent.

You can download our full response below.


SCDI response - Updated Digital Strategy for Scotland