SCDI Annual Review 2014/15

The past 12 months for SCDI, our members and stakeholders has seen us examine Scotland’s economy, both in its current form and as it evolves from a tumultuous and challenging period. This has provided a strong basis to help shape the emerging economy by developing characteristics such as low carbon and the power of digital technology.

The opportunities and threats before Scotland from global disruptive changes are stark and our economy must make the transformation from fragile to agile. Productivity is the principal driver of growth, and to succeed we must collectively tackle this head-on, including by addressing the key economic challenges of innovation and internationalisation.

This, of course, is not an agenda on which government can deliver alone – we all must take a lead and play our part. Underpinned by infrastructure, both physical and digital, the connection of place and the skills of our people, we must meet the challenge of an emerging economy if we are to secure a prosperous future for Scotland.

Collectively we all desire to strengthen our economy, to make it more resilient and robust. Our policy research work during this year, which resulted in the recently-published SCDI Blueprint 2015, presents a vision of how together we could forge and attain that future.

SCDI’s ability to convene a uniquely wide range of voices from across the economy bring with it a responsibility to make a positive impact on behalf of our members, and therefore the wider community. The Blueprint signals a range of ways in which we can support and help to shape sustainable growth for Scotland, working in partnership with and on behalf of our members.

You can find the Review here