SCDI Annual Review 2015/16 & Future Plan 2017

2017 will be a year of change for the Scottish economy. Not just because of the new environment offered by the first year of partial devolved fiscal policy, where wealth creation and economic growth are critical to our Scottish economy, but also because of the challenges that emerged in 2016.

SCDI continues to be a key conduit and facilitator for innovative economic development concepts, as we collectively with our members aim to adapt our economy to myriad new circumstances both domestically and globally.

Brexit will clearly impact on SCDI’s work and the wider environment for the public and private sector as well as the social economy. We will continue to engage with both the UK and Scottish Governments around exiting the EU. There will be a high level of debate around this topic at the SCDI Forum 2017 – ‘Brave New Worlds?’.

The key pillars of the SCDI Blueprint ‘From Fragile to Agile’ – Productivity, Innovation and Internationalisation, underpinned by Infrastructure and Place – and the need to turn these areas of underperformance in the Scottish economy around in order to become a high-performance, agile economy, have been the touchstones of our policy work this past year and will continue to drive our policy agenda for the foreseeable future.

We have also recently co-produced two Digitally focused policy reports:

‘Digital Solutions to the Productivity Puzzle’  – re how digital transformation can meet Scotland’s key economic challenge of increasing productivity; and

‘Smart Citizens, Smart City Regions: Delivering Digital Public Services in Scotland‘ – focusing on the digital transformation of public services in Scotland and highlighting the need to accelerate the pace of change to ensure Scotland reaps the opportunities offered by new technologies.

SCDI’s key goal is to support our members in the public, private and social economy sectors to thrive and to see this translate into long term economic and social prosperity for Scotland. In order to help achieve this, SCDI will utilise its unique convening powers and spheres of influence to support members and help ensure that Scotland is the best possible place it can be to do business.

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Our Future Plan seeks to reflect our role as a lynchpin for all parts of the Scottish economy, bringing together a collective insight into the opportunities and risks for the economy, which is changing even more rapidly due to the dynamic external environment we find ourselves in. As we aim to provide an anchor point in what are proving to be uncharted waters, this Annual Review & Future Plan demonstrates that SCDI continues to play a committed and energetic role in ensuring that Scotland’s economy grows and is ready to face and adapt to the future, whatever that may present.