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Productivity Club Scotland

Productivity Club Scotland is a network of small medium sized organisations from across all sectors and industries focused on doing things smarter. As leaders navigate the challenges presented by today’s environment, collaboration and support from peers has never been more important.

Productivity Club is delivered in partnership with the Scottish Government and membership and attendance to all events is FREE.

The Club offers the opportunity to network and to learn from peers. It also provides signposting to business resources which may be helpful for members.

Focusing on key themes which help to improve performance, the Club provides case studies directly from businesses like you on how they are making changes and realising benefits.

The Clubs meet regularly in-person or online in Central and South of Scotland, North East, Tayside and Highlands and Islands. We engage with local organisations who reflect the day-to-day realities of running a business in a particular region or local community.

In addition, the Club offers one-off events focusing on challenges and opportunities of specific industries/sectors (i.e. life science, construction, not-for-profits) and topics (i.e. communities wealth) bringing people together to share insights, to generates ideas and to find solutions. Let’s don’t forget our annual conference Productivity Matters, a great opportunity to you hear from a wide range of businesses, academics, and experts about how to future-proof your organisation to survive, flourish and succeed. Learn more HERE.

Impact of the Club

What is in for you?

  • Entirely free to attend
  • Expand your network at our regular club events
  • Unlock common business challenges by listening to peers stories and experience
  • Build confidence via group discussions in a supportive and collaborative environment
  • Hear
  • Meet like-minded peers also keen to work smarter not harder
  • Every session is designed so you take away practical tips, best practice ideas, where to find support and new contacts
  • Free and direct access to expert support on various subjects


“Great session, first time attending a PCS meeting and enjoyed networking with others on this topic. Will look out for other events.”

“The Productivity Club is a great concept – it provides the opportunity to hear from people who have lived experience in a topic as well as allow everyone in the room to share their own thoughts and experiences and build connections to help next steps easier. I learned as much as I passed on!”

“The Productivity Club is an ideal place to learn, share and grow in confidence with a group of like-minded people who are interested in improving their business. It tackles topics that are “now” with real time, practical learning”


Why Productivity Club?

  • Low productivity is a barrier to growth for small and medium sized businesses and continues to be recognised as a critical challenge for the UK
  • Giving organisations practical support to improve their performance will help them succeed
  • Addressing low productivity helps Scotland’s economy AND communities through the creation of higher paying and better quality jobs, higher tax revenues and thriving communities



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