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The Rural Commission

The Rural Commission was established to look at the challenges and opportunities that exist outwith central urban Scotland and ensure we harness the future economic potential of all of Scotland.

This independent Commission was launched in April 2018 with its final report published in September 2019.

Final Report of the Rural Commission Published: An Economy for All of Scotland

With 42 recommendations contained in ‘An Economy for All of Scotland – Harnessing Our Potential for Everyone, Everywhere the Commission has looked at what it believes are some of the measures that can allow the right decisions to be made to support investment and strengthen the contribution of people everywhere. The report covers people, place, and productivity, and its recommendations aim to:

  • Understand and Embed the economy of rural Scotland in decision making and provide the right support for different parts of the country.
  • Ensure people have access to housing that is affordable and secure, and more effectively support the development, businesses necessary, to meet that need.
  • Drive infrastructure that can support a transition to a low carbon future and the utilisation of our natural resources, whilst recognising the transport connectivity needs of people throughout the country.
  • Consider the actions government and business can take to strengthen the economy throughout Scotland and look at how they can work together to unlock future growth.

About SCDI

SCDI is Scotland's Social and Economic Forum. It is an independent and inclusive economic development network which seeks to influence and inspire Government and key stakeholders with our ambitious vision to create sustainable economic growth for Scotland.

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Delivering a Stronger Economy across Rural Scotland

Response to the recommendations of the National Council of Rural Advisers to the Scottish Government, and how they link with the Commission's emerging thinking.

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