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Our Annual STEM Challenge for 2019-20 is inspired by the Electric A9 project. Charge! will challenge primary and secondary teams to build an electric lorry to transport as much cargo as possible across a course. The competition will explore gears and energy storage and teams will be required to adjust and load their vehicle for best performance without running out of power between charging stations. The research poster will investigate current electric vehicle technology limitations and future possibilities. An optional advanced level uses micro:bit computers!


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Climate Smarter is YESC’s latest topical STEM project in partnership with Vattenfall and Wood.

The project will provide second and third level primary and secondary schools  pupils the resources to investigate how energy is produced, used, and how this is affecting the world around us.   The kit of resources provided allow pupils to run hands-on experiments in class, culminating in the schools designing and building a model of their future smart eco-school.This project also incorporates significant digital elements, making use of the BBC micro:bit as a sensor and smart controller.

Please click here and read the teacher brief carefully and decide if this project is suitable for your class.


Knots to Watts is an exciting competition aimed at inspiring primary and secondary schools to research innovative offshore wind technologies and use this knowledge to design, build and test a floating wind turbine which generates electricity.

The competition is supported by the Crown Estate Scotland, Equinor and the Institute of Physics in Scotland.  Following registration, a free kit of components will be provided to incorporate into your design. Teams will be invited to present their research portfolio and test their floating wind turbine models at our National Celebration of STEM 2020, taking place at Glasgow Science Centre on Friday 5 June 2020.

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