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Energy Quest Workshop

Let us embed learning about energy sources and energy transfer

Help students uncover engineering skills they didn’t know they had with Energy Quest.  This FREE 2-hour workshop challenges young people to put themselves in the shoes of engineers to design a solution to power a mobile phone.

The workshop is designed for secondary students aged 11 to 14 and is designed to fit into a 2 hour / double period time slot. Energy Quest unlocks students’ inner engineer as they explore sustainable energy sources. During an interactive workshop, they’re immersed in a real-life situation and challenged to save the day.  The workshop is fully linked to the curriculum, students gain an understanding of:

• A range of sustainable energy sources and the role engineers play in green energy/sustainable technology
• How to generate energy, and how they can work as a team to respond to a challenge
• How their skills and interest can lead to a career in engineering

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