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Thursday 21 September 2017 (9.00am - 4.15pm)
Venue: University Of Strathclyde Technology & Innovation Centre - 99 George Street, Glasgow G1 1RD


Building on successful summits held over the past two years, the SCDI International Business Summit 2017 seeks to build on our agenda of working collaboratively to ensure that Scotland fulfils its potential as an economy both globally connected and suitably equipped to transact high-quality goods and services throughout the world. 

The economy is functioning in unique circumstances following the EU Referendum outcome and ongoing Brexit negotiations, with concerns and challenges being faced by businesses in Scotland and the wider UK in this more complex and less predictable environment.  

This Summit aims to bring together the known intelligence on trade in a negotiation/transaction/post-Brexit era and to seek opportunities which businesses in Scotland could take advantage of regardless of the outcomes of the government and European negotiation process. What is required to enable a more successful trade strategy and what can be done to mitigate the impacts of Brexit and improve levels of internationalisation? 

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At #scdiIntBiz17 we will explore key themes including:

Support & Skills for Export - exploring whether we have the correct skills base to grow our exports and trade. What skills and knowledge will underpin this new growth area? Providing an overview of some of the tools which can support businesses looking to export for the first time or to grow their export potential.

Scottish Sectoral Overview: Brexit Mitigations - looking across Scotland's key sectors and understanding what impacts Brexit may have and whether these can be mitigated? Discussions will paint a strong cross-sectoral message from Scotland on where priorities may lie in the negotiation process when viewed through a Scottish lens.

Trade Policy Outlook - examining what options are available to b... (Read more)

Mark Bevan, Chief Executive, SCDI commented: "However you cut the data, the Scottish economy is not growing at a strong rate. The global picture has been challenging and Scotland has grappled for years with long-term issues around deindustrialisation and productivity levels that lag behind our developed counterparts.

"We have significant strengths but the challenges face... (Read more)