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Friday 12 June 2015 - Fairmont St.Andrews


The SCDI International Business Summit 2015 - 'SCOTLAND: DRIVING GLOBAL AMBITION' will bring together leading figures in Scotland's international business community.

Providing a high-level forum for senior representatives, this business summit will explore how Scotland can maximise its performance in international markets -sharing the experience and insights of successful global players, setting an industry-led agenda to fulfil Scotland's capabilities and encouraging more Scottish businesses to be confident in pursuing international opportunities.  

"Scotland has a long & distinguished history as an exporter of goods, services & skills to every corner of the world. Trade & enterprise were the foundations on which the growth in our prosperity was based. These characteristics are still much in evidence today. Scotland contains many companies, large & small, which know no fear in tackling the world's markets..."
Wilson Review into Support for Scottish Exporting (2014)

More of our business community need to engage their organisations on the international stage - which is widely recognised, not least by the UK and Scottish Governments both of whom have set ambitious targets for an expansion of our exporting capacity. The Scottish Government wants to increase the value of Scottish exports by 50% by 2017, compared with a base of £22.81bn in 2010.

This one-day SCDI International Business Summit - delivered in partnership with Bank of Scotland, Brodies LLPEdrington and Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation - on Friday 12 June 2015 at Fairmont St. Andrews will hear from a variety of leading exporters and explore Internationalisation themes including:

Trading in Global Ambition

The ingredients of success as experienced by some of Scotland's most su... (Read more)


In delivering the SCDI Annual Lecture 2015 in Aberdeen, Mark Carne told the audience of 300 assembled guests from SCDI's member base of the challenges facing the rail industry today. He drew parallels between both the Oil & Gas and Rail industries - with both mattering to the country and the economy; both being safety critical and operationally intense... (Read more)

- The Airports Commission will make recommendations about the expansion and utilisation of airport capacity in London affecting Scotland’s UK and global connectivity

- Investment and new routes at Scotland’s major airports, and changes of ownership

- The potential for the devolution of Air Passenger Duty to the Scottish Parliament.


SCDI's... (Read more)