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SCDI leads charge to help Scottish businesses achieve global ambitions

In Glasgow on Thursday 21 September, SCDI convened a Summit of Scotland's business leaders to identify opportunities for the country to fulfil its global economic potential in a post-Brexit environment.

The annual SCDI International Business Summit brought together leaders from key sectors across the Scottish economy and expert speakers from government and industry. The summit on the theme of 'Scottish Business: Rising To International Challenges' examined the landscape surrounding Scotland's international trade and considered the critical foundations that will help to form a post-Brexit trade agenda for the Scottish economy.

Mark Bevan, SCDI Chief Executive, commented: "As the World Economic Forum meets in New York to discuss sustainable international trade, SCDI convened its third International Business Summit to identify how Scotland can maximise global opportunities and navigate this increasingly complex environment.

"Scotland is home to many international success stories - from our universities and tech sector to tourism, travel, food and drink. Their growth, increased output and investment provide grounds for optimism. However, with significant challenges on the horizon and little certainty on the landscape, action must be taken to support Scotland's economic strengths."

The summit heard from a range of experts and business leaders, including EDF Energy, AGS Airports Ltd, Lloyds Banking Group, Scotland Food & Drink and TATA Limited in UK.

Mark Bevan continued: "Today's findings will help to prepare the foundations for a post-Brexit trade agenda for the Scottish economy. SCDI will continue its work to shape the future economy of Scotland, taking steps to support and meet the needs of business growth over the coming decades." 


At the #scdiIntBiz17 Summit in Glasgow, Speakers and Delegates explored key themes including:

Support & Skills for Export - exploring whether we have the correct skills base to grow our exports and trade. What skills and knowledge will underpin this new growth area? Providing an overview of some of the tools which can support businesses looking to export for the first time or to grow their export potential.

Scottish Sectoral Overview: Brexit Mitigations - looking across Scotland's key sectors and understanding what impacts Brexit may have and whether these can be mitigated? Discussions will paint a strong cross-sectoral message from Scotland on where priorities may lie in the negotiation process when viewed through a Scottish lens.

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Mark Bevan, Chief Executive, SCDI commented: "However you cut the data, the Scottish economy is not growing at a strong rate. The global picture has been challenging and Scotland has grappled for years with long-term issues around deindustrialisation and productivity levels that lag behind our developed counterparts.

"We have significant strengths but the challenges face... (Read more)