The Scottish Council for Development & Industry (SCDI) is an independent and inclusive economic development network which seeks to influence and inspire Government and key stakeholders with our ambitious vision to create sustainable economic growth for Scotland. SCDI's diverse and influential membership forms a gathering of knowledge, experience and talent which provides a dynamic and creative force for change.

Thursday 19 & Friday 20 March 2015

Venue: RBS HQ, Gogarburn, Edinburgh


The SCDI Forum is the leading policy and networking event in the Scottish business and economic calendar and has a clear agenda - to stimulate economic growth for Scotland.

Reflective of SCDI's unique membership, it brings together 300 senior representatives drawn from the public, private and social economy sectors, providing a platform for dialogue, discussion and debate on the levers required to strengthen and grow Scotland's economy.

Forum 2015 focused on developing a blueprint for Scotland which - with debate about the direction of the economy and more devolution avowed - sets an agenda for stronger, more robust growth by maximising the potential of all parts of the economy and of all areas and people.

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In delivering the SCDI Annual Lecture 2015 in Aberdeen, Mark Carne told the audience of 300 assembled guests from SCDI's member base of the challenges facing the rail industry today. He drew parallels between both the Oil & Gas and Rail industries - with both mattering to the country and the economy; both being safety critical and operationally intense... (Read more)

- The Airports Commission will make recommendations about the expansion and utilisation of airport capacity in London affecting Scotland’s UK and global connectivity

- Investment and new routes at Scotland’s major airports, and changes of ownership

- The potential for the devolution of Air Passenger Duty to the Scottish Parliament.


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