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The role of the Business Purpose Commission for Scotland will be to make recommendations for how Scotland can become known at home and globally for nurturing purposeful businesses which make a positive impact on economic prosperity, social wellbeing and environmental sustainability.

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Making a positive impact on the world is good for businesses and good for society in the 21st century.

The growth, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation of businesses has greatly contributed to the development and prosperity of society. Promoting these capabilities will be at the core of economic recovery and tackling the challenges that matter most to people and our world, such as climate change, inequality and fair work.

The Business Purpose Commission for Scotland is a joint initiative between the Scottish Government and SCDI and will oversee a short-life programme of work, reporting in Spring 2022.

The Business Purpose Commission for Scotland will focus on how:

  • the purpose of business might be updated to help meet the great challenges for people and the planet;
  • business can put purpose at the heart of business strategy to achieve better performance for its customers, employees, investors and the communities where we live and work; and
  • trust between business and society might be enhanced and secured.

We will establish a short-life Business Purpose Commission for Scotland to promote more purposeful businesses and better corporate governance”.

A greener, fairer Scotland, Programme for Government 2021-22, Scottish Government

“Scotland should aim to be a global hub for purposeful businesses that profitably solve the problems of people and planet. Industry should work with the UK and Scottish governments to review current ownership, governance, regulation, taxation and investment frameworks for businesses, and recommend reforms that build on existing initiatives and incentivise and reward productive and purposeful growth, for example in areas like Ethical Finance, AI and data, and clean growth.”

Making a Good Living: A 2030 Blueprint for Scotland, SCDI (2021)

Contact us: If you’ve got thoughts on business purpose or a positive story to tell, we’d love to hear from you.

Gareth Williams, Head of Policy, SCDI


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