SCDI Founding Mission Statement

“It will be the duty of the Council to examine and consider impartially the industrial, commercial and economic problems with which the country is faced for the time being; to endeavour to arrive at a solution to these problems and, where necessary, to obtain from Parliament such legislation as may be required to give effect to the conclusions reached by the Council.”

Constitution of the Council, 1931 SCDI - History

SCDI - History

SCDI’s history is rich as a pioneering membership organisation in many fields of activity.

Founded in 1931, SCDI was at the forefront of attracting overseas manufacturing investment into Scotland in the late 1940s. SCDI also embarked on a campaign to attract companies from the United States of America to Scotland - the first time a European country had pursued such a course.

SCDI has also been responsible for:

  • creating the first Industrial Estate in Scotland in 1938 (at Hillington, Renfrewshire);
  • since 1987, introducing enterprise activities into Scottish primary and secondary schools through our Young Engineers & Science Clubs network. We now co-ordinate a successful network of over 1,400 YESC Clubs in primary and secondary schools across the country, encouraging students interested in key STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths). 
  • publishing seminal Reports on regional policy and development of industry, throughout the organisation’s track record of influential and innovative economic policy-thinking for Scotland, including:


Policy Agenda

Blueprint 2010 [Report] [Executive Summary]

Oil & Gas

The Future of Electricity Generation in Scotland (Wood MacKenzie, 2008)

Scotland’s Future

Other policy issues

SCDI has been a pioneer in the development of Scotland’s international business relationships and links, organising an extensive programme of Trade Visits which started in 1960. In excess of 370 trade missions have been organised since then, to more than 50 markets worldwide and involving over 6,000 participants.

In the 21st century, SCDI is a modern, diverse, inclusive and independent development organisation which seeks, through its wide-ranging networks, to innovate and influence economic policy to deliver sustainable growth for Scotland.

We are a unique membership organisation representing the corporate and civic groups which underpin the social and economic foundations of Scotland, across all geographies and sectors - the public, private and social economy. Building on a heritage of meeting the challenge of change through driving innovation and bold thinking, we share a common vision for the future of Scotland. That unity of purpose is delivering sustainable economic growth for Scotland through our nation, our assets and our people. We are focused on strengthening our economy - to make it more resilient and robust - through increased innovation, productivity and internationalisation.

Engage and join us - be part of Scotland’s future.


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