Following the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon MSP's announcement in Edinburgh on 13 March 2017 regarding a second Scottish Independence Referendum, SCDI Director of Policy & Place, Claire Mack, said:

"SCDI has always been neutral on Scotland's constitutional relationship with the rest of the UK, and should a second Referendum be held, we will once more seek to facilitate constructive discussions and publish impartial evidence for and on behalf of our members to inform that debate.

"In SCDI's ''Future Scotland' reports ahead of the last Independence Referendum, SCDI explored issues across the Macroeconomic & Fiscal, Europe & International, and Energy spheres. Many of the issues raised across those reports remain key areas where answers are needed. Indeed, following the UK's decision to leave the EU, many of those issues will be more important than ever at this time of unprecedented change.

"Global changes are placing an even higher premium on sustaining and generating increasing economic growth, and it is vital that as we enter any new debate around Scotland's constitutional future, we ensure constructive debate around the key economic issues.

"At SCDI's Forum 2017 being held later this week we'll be considering many of the global economic changes we face and issues around trade and investment as the UK reshapes its relationship with the EU."