The SCDI policy Blueprint report 'From Fragile to Agile: A Blueprint for Growth & Prosperity' (published in Dec.2015) identified the need for improvements in Scotland's Productivity, Innovation and Internationalisation, underpinned by key Infrastructure. Transport Connectivity is of fundamental importance to the success of the Scottish economy and, while there is substantial long-term investment, there is a need for developments to become transformational - especially as digital innovation changes transport and travel markets.

SCDI has, therefore, brought together a Connectivity Commission to report on the changes, particularly technology-enabled, which are increasingly transforming transport services and infrastructure. To make recommendations on what responses need to be considered by government and industry in Scotland to develop world-class connectivity for people and goods.

The Commission will aim to influence thinking about emerging opportunities to meet a growing demand for seamless, mode neutral and user focused 'door-to-door' connectivity, including by making more effective and efficient utilisation of assets and by making the right investments in new infrastructure.

The Connectivity Commission will specifically consider:

  • Future-proofing - Key economic, social and environmental characteristics of any future network
  • Funding - As transportation becomes increasingly service-based, how funding may be provided for operations, maintenance of assets and investment in new infrastructure
  • Decision-making - How policy and operational decisions may need to change with a more dynamic transport system and deliver positive economic, social and environmental outcomes

The Commission will focus, at this stage, on connectivity within and between Scotland's City regions, and the priorities of higher productivity, innovation and internationalisation in the Scottish economy.

SCDI's Connectivity Commission - Chaired by Dr George Hazel OBE - brings together key stakeholders from the private and public sectors, particularly with expertise in Transport and Digital sectors.

Members are involved through a personal capacity and include:

       - Dr George Hazel OBE - Commission Chair
       - James Ledgerwood - Abellio
       - Derick Murray - NESTRANS
       - Grant Wilson - Hitachi Data Systems
       - Neil Amner - (previously MacRoberts LLP); now Anderson Strathern LLP
       - Neil Johnstone - Systra
       - Roger Cotton - Brodies LLP
       - Lisa Farrell - Route Monkey
       - Prof Iain Docherty - University of Glasgow
       - Tony Rose - Scottish Futures Trust
       - Graeme Scott - IBI Group
       - John Watt - Annequin Associates
       - Kenneth Russell - John G Russell
       - Chris Yiu - Uber
       - George Mair - Confederation of Passenger Transport

The SCDI Connectivity Commission will now report during 2017.

SCDI Policy Team contact:

Connectivity Commission discussions have included leading on one of the Breakout Sessions'Transforming Connectivity For A Successful Scotland' at our SCDI Forum 2016