SCDI submitted a response in April 2017 to The Scottish Government's People, Places & Planning Consultation.  

The Independent Review of Planning which started in late 2015 was welcomed by SCDI. The review offered the opportunity for key stakeholders to provide input that would help shape the proposals to modernise the Scottish Planning System.

SCDI have been active throughout the review, submitting both written and oral evidence to the Independent Panel; whilst SCDI members had the opportunity to directly raise issues with the current planning system with Scottish Government planning officials, including the Chief Planner at an event in Inverness and the Assistant Chief Planner at an SCDI Policy Committee in December 2015. SCDI's Policy Committee discussed the review, and the current system in detail, which helped to shape our written response to the Call for Evidence.

The Independent Panel of Review's report 'Empowering Planning to Deliver Great Places', released in May 2016, included a range of key recommendations that were included in SCDI's initial responses. The proposals within the consultation include several of the recommendations put forward by the Review's report.

The process to review and modernise the Planning system has been drawn out over a long period of time. SCDI would expect this consultation to be the last opportunity for stakeholders to provide input that would affect the proposals in relation to housing and related infrastructure. Once responses are analysed and taken into consideration, The Scottish Government should progress with the proposals to improve and modernise the planning system within a Planning Bill that would be expected to be put before Parliament this year. It is also recognised however, that the planning proposals also need to be aligned with the many energy and renewables consultations that are currently underway - to both ensure no unintended consequences arise from the proposals, and to ensure that opportunities to align planning and energy are not missed.

In previous submissions, SCDI has made clear that the planning system is crucial to delivering economic growth and achieving the aims of Scotland's Economic Strategy, including sustainable and inclusive growth.

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