Productivity Club Highlands & Islands presents: Management & Leadership, December 2021

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Productivity Club Highlands & Islands

Tuesday 14th December

Location: online

Speakers: Lee Midlane, CEO & Founder, IT Central; Michelle Reid, People & Operations Director, Institute of Occupational Medicine; Tony Story, CEO, Kingsmills Hotel Group; Euan Black, Network Leader Business, Management and Leisure, UHI; Nicola Ewing, Head of Client Products and Services, HIE.

Captain of industry or apprentice leader? Whether you’re a CEO, the founder of an SME or a self-directing sole trader, becoming an effective business leader takes guts, skill and an awful lot of trial and error.

Every business owner understands that effective leadership and management can improve performance, boost the bottom line and make for a happy, productive workforce. An increasing number of leaders also recognise that real leadership extends far beyond just being the boss, but that it is also a role which can encompass relationship-building, empathy, decisiveness, innovative thinking and inclusivity.

But exactly what are the ingredients for outstanding leadership? How do you learn to lead, and lead well? What pitfalls do you need to dodge as you take your own journey in leadership?

December’s Productivity Club aim to end the year on a forward-thinking theme as we explore modern day leadership and management. We’ll from SME organisations how styles and stereotypes of leadership are evolving, and learn how thorny management issues may be tackled to help streamline business performance and workforce productivity.

The session is interactive with group discussion, Q&A and networking opportunity.

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