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A message from NatureScot

It’s good to see the diversity of action and activities that companies like  Beauty Kitchen, Rainton Farm, Beinn an Tuirc Distilleries, McGowan Environmental Engineering and Wilderness Scotland are undertaking to build a nature-rich future for Scotland.

Glen Lyon, Agrico, ThermaFY and Aldomack have also put a range of positive actions in place to help achieve their net zero goals.

These changes and initiatives make a difference for nature and the climate – taken together, these small actions significantly help our environment and our future. As well as the direct impact, what helps is how these things engage the people involved and the people who hear about them – especially the staff and the customers of the businesses involved. It’s great to see the enthusiasm and the interest of those involved. Scotland needs these changes and positive choices being made by the many alongside the large-scale initiatives like restoring peatland and reducing emissions from public transport. You can find some first easy steps to take here.

We have been a partner in SCDI’s Clean Growth Leadership Group since it started – and it is a valuable cross-sector forum that brings together a range of people who are keen to see Scotland both deliver and benefit from a nature-rich net-zero future. Publishing the Manifesto for Clean Growth in December 2020 is just the start.

We wanted to help take the agenda forward, which is why we are working with SCDI on this website. We hope this space will develop into a valuable resource, not just for sharing information on where to find help but for business to learn from each other by promoting and sharing their own stories on sustainability, protecting nature and preventing climate change.

Where to find help?

Start your climate change journey with this list of organisations that can offer support to businesses in Scotland in reaching their net zero targets, and to help them explore ways to reduce their carbon emissions.

Find out more.


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