Muscatelli Review – Engagement Brief

SCDI will be meeting with Professor Muscatelli later this month to provide evidence from members to inform his Review. We would be grateful for any comments.


Professor Anton Muscatelli has been commissioned by Derek Mackay, Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work, to review the economic impact universities in Scotland create through working with business.

The review will establish how universities in Scotland currently impact on the economy through their research and innovation activities, highlight examples of best practice in Scotland and internationally, and make recommendations for stakeholders in the sector to consider on how to embed best practice across Scotland and boost performance.

Professor Muscatelli is producing the report in an independent capacity and will not present a sectoral position. However, he is seeking views from across the sector, industry and other relevant stakeholders to inform the recommendations he puts forward.

The report’s recommendations will primarily be informed by desk-based research of existing evidence and data, as well as stakeholder engagement, and may point to the need for further detailed work to be carried out in particular areas.

Report scope

The primary focus of the report is on the economic impact of university research activities in working with business and how this impact can be maximised, but the report will also reference wider drivers where appropriate (for example, funding and skills) and recognise the role of the wider ecosystem.

Report timescales

The final report will be published in September 2019.

Key Discussion Points

To inform the development of recommendations, it would be helpful to have formal or informal views on the following points from attendees:

  • Can you provide specific experiences of business/ university collaboration?
    • In what areas did you work together?
    • What impact has that had?
    • And how was that impact measured?
  • What have been the key enablers of collaboration and what has worked well? What mechanisms or incentives supported this?
  • What have been the key barriers to collaboration and what has worked less well?
  • How could universities better support businesses? Is enough research at Scottish Universities relevant to business? Is business involved enough in setting university research priorities? How can university research complement and stimulate private research? Is the role of Innovation Centres helpful here?
  • How could the innovation system (for example, support offered through enterprise agencies) better support business/ university collaboration? What is hampering private investment in university research?

Contact Us

Please provide comments by close of play on 17 July 2019. We are happy to receive them by email or speak with you or a colleague.

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