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Annual STEM Challenge 2019-20

Inspired by the Electric A9 project, Charge! will challenge teams to build an electric lorry to transport as much cargo as possible across a course in ten minutes.


Primary and secondary pupils will explore gears and energy storage. Teams will be required to adjust and load their vehicle for best performance without running out of power between charging stations.

Teams will be asked to research current electric vehicle technology limitations and future possibilities. An optional advanced level will expand the scope of the project to use micro:bit computers to design a programme that will allow their vehicle to navigate the course automatically.

A series of four heats will form part of the Regional Celebrations of STEM held across the country during March 2020; culminating in a National final taking place at Glasgow Science Centre in June 2020.


We are seeking multiple partners to sponsor Charge! at a cost of £5000 each; this would cover the competition development costs, provide free resource kits to 200 schools as well as meeting the event management and prize fund expenses of the regional and national competitions.


Working in partnership with our membership brings our Annual Challenge to life and is an effective way for industry and commerce to engage with our future generation of engineers and scientists.

Alongside the financial support, we would welcome expert input into the competition brief to raise awareness of future career opportunities in this growing industry. In addition, partner companies may choose to support schools with their design; provide a judge for the competition events or provide an industry visit to the winning school.

Further Information

In return for this support, industry partner(s) would be recognised as the sponsor(s) on all competition literature and banner stands, our website, newsletters and social media channels.

If you wish to receive further details or a full proposal, please email or telephone: 01463 218667

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